Wreaths Across Greensboro

Wade Harvey & Mike Lapeirre
   Marine dad      Regular dad

It all started with a discussion between two dads - a Marine dad and a regular old dad.  Two dads that have been teaching our kids from day one to honor our veterans, to thank them for their service and to be deeply appreciative of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  It is hard to teach a two year old about the ultimate sacrifice, but we are dedicated to the mission with all six of our kids.  We’d like to share it with our community too!

My friend Wade and I talked about a very special honor ceremony that takes place each year at Arlington National Cemetery where a wreath is placed at each marker of fallen service members.  We thought a trip to DC to participate in the annual Wreaths Across America ceremony would be great.  But then we thought, six kids, five hours, four stops along the way, three days, two cars and a speeding ticket might be in our future.  So we decided that it might be better to do something local.  

After a bit of research revealing that the third largest city in the state of North Carolina was not participating with Wreaths Across America, we decided to start a location right here in Greensboro! On September 29, 2013, walking out of church, Wade said, "Hey man, are we going to do this?"  I replied, "I don't know, are we?"  He said, "Well, yeah!"  And so it began...

We contacted Wreaths Across America, established a location and on December 14, 2013, our families along with about 300-400 of our closest friends joined us at Forest Lawn Cemetery to place almost 1,100 wreaths on the graves in the veteran’s section.

We have repeated the honor ceremony each December ever since, will do it again for years to come.  Please join us!

Contact us at:  (336) 558-1142  |  wreathsacrossgreensboro@gmail.com